Artist’s Statement

Artist’s Statement

My work explores contrasting expressions of “restraint versus exuberance” and “planning versus discovery”, and the perennial question at heart is simple: How much is “too much”, and how much is “too little”? Boisterous energetic work provides counterpoint to quiet, contemplative compositions, while collage work inspires paintings which in turn inspire further collage. In the end, this work represents the pure joy (and turmoil) of exploration and discovery. My goal is to use materials in a playful and investigative fashion, freeing myself from concern about the outcome, working until the painting announces its completion. Once released from the studio, my work travels happily unburdened by history and aspiration. It’s up to the viewer to add any meaning, narrative or purpose. I admit only to enjoying being part of the process.

Joan Huiner Ranzini
August 2017

Bio Statement

Artist Joan Huiner Ranzini is an abstract painter living and working in Virginia. Her work process and product have a structure and intensity of feeling shaped by a background in drawing, architectural design and travel in Japan, expressed using a non-derivative palette and imagery.

Ms. Ranzini received her Bachelor of Arts degree with High Honors from the College of William and Mary, where her major was Fine Arts with an emphasis on architecture. She received her Master’s degree in Architectural History from the University of Virginia with coursework in architectural design. At the Beverley Street Studio School in Staunton, she has studied, taught drawing classes and served as Academic Program Coordinator. She maintains an active solo and juried exhibit schedule and her work is included in public and private collections.



Photo credit: Fran Fevrier